About the photographer, Zach Damberger.



My name is Zach and I am a portrait photographer based near Loveland, Colorado. I've been taking photos for over 5 years and for the past few years I've been traveling around the world working as a photographer. I've shot everything; from high level events at the United Nations, to the slums of Cartagena, Colombia. I've worked with countless models, musicians, and influencers around the country. Over the years I've worked to develop a modern photography style while still incorporating the nostalgic feel of old-school film.

I'm open to shooting just about anything. Want to hike a fourteener and have some professional, candid documentation? Do you want a photo of yourself double exposed with a photo of your favorite animal? Do you just want some nice photos of yourself to use on social media? Send me your craziest ideas, and we will work together to make them come to life.

It's my job to make your wildest ideas come true!

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Have any BURNING questions? I'm most active on my Instagram. Check it out!